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Amina D.


Hi! My name is Amina and I have Bachelors' Degrees in mathematics and philosophy, and a German minor from Hunter College. I enjoy helping others in school in any way I can. I have three years of experience tutoring students on a wide variety of subjects including Math, English, and SAT prep. In addition to tutoring experience, I have a year of experience as a substitute teacher. I still tutor students and have decided to teach in the classroom with A-List as well.

Please know that I am here to help you. I will do my utmost best guiding you to succeed in academia through my tutoring and classroom management methods. On top of this, I am very friendly! I enjoy reading, questioning, thinking, and exploring the world. I have been to Germany for summer school to study German Language. Something interesting about me is that I really love avocados. It might sound cliche, but I am the type of person who can have an avocado for each meal...and have it unsalted! However, chocolate is the holy grail and takes precedence as my favorite food!

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