Aubrey R.

Tutor, New York

Aubrey hails from sunny California, where she graduated cum laude from USC. She has since performed reverse manifest destiny by moving back east to pursue theater.

Aubrey has always loved any challenge, and has won several global STEM and creativity competitions with Destination Imagination and 3M’s Engineering tournaments. She brings that passion for problem solving into the classroom, where she inspires students to use unique strategies to find solutions on standardized tests.

Aubrey began her teaching career 10 years ago as a karate instructor, and is honored to continue her educating journey with A-List / Testive. Other teaching highlights include theater education to impoverished communities in Tanzania and Peru.

Outside of the classroom, she enjoys writing sketch comedy and doing pilates. She is a black belt in karate, lover of poor-man’s theater, and in the ever-elusive search for the perfect gluten free bakery.

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