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Brianna Yeje

Operations and Talent Manager, New York

Brianna is a graduate of New York University and Georgia State University. Originally from Georgia and a first-generation college student in her family, she moved up to the Big Apple to pursue her academic aspiration of obtaining a Master’s Degree from the school of her dreams. During her undergraduate career, she received full scholarships to study abroad in Venice, Italy and San Jose, Costa Rica. Once she completed her graduate degree, she felt compelled to combine her love of economics and business with her passion to help others achieve their own goals. Working at A-List was the perfect match. She loves to travel, has visited 10 countries, and plans on visiting many more. She is highly passionate about all things cosmetics, from skincare to glamorous makeup, most likely because she thoroughly enjoys getting dressed up to explore the city for new restaurants and cuisines to try, so she can recreate the recipes at home.

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