Cameron H.

Tutor, Arizona

Born in San Diego, raised in Charlotte, educated at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and now in Arizona, Cameron has seen and interacted with a diverse set of people, groups, and cultures within the United States.  With a bi-racial heritage, Cameron has always been caught between competing worldviews but has learned to cherish the opportunity to bring strangers together.  Finding a passion for social justice in college, Cameron decided to get his feet on the ground and serve the community of North Nashville.  There, he learned about the lived experiences of North Nashville residents, documented their stories, and wrote a paper titled, “The Raced Space of Gentrification,” which was later published in the sociology journal, City and Community.

Upon graduating with a B.S. in Engineering Science, he decided to go into the field of education and joined Teach for America.  There, he served in a math teacher role in the high-need Oakland Unified School District for two years.  In his capacity as a high school teacher and as a test prep instructor, he has helped hundreds of students successfully cross over into college.  

When he’s not teaching, he enjoys everything outdoors and lives an active life, including golf, tennis, basketball, and calisthenics.  He will also gladly talk to you about camper vans and his ongoing conversion project.

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