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Clay Glad

Director of Information Technology, New York

Clay joined A-List as a tutor in 2007 and since then has helped more than 200 students reach and exceed their goals. He is particularly sensitive to the transition students must make between high school and college, and as a former college instructor is acutely aware of the skills students must develop before stepping into that first college classroom. Clay’s undergraduate work was in philosophy, mathematics, and linguistics, and so he is well-versed in both verbal and quantitative test preparation. His graduate work was in mathematical logic but he was also certified as an instructor for writing-intensive courses at Stanford. Helping students become better writers is Clay’s favorite part of the job. He’s guided hundreds of students through the maze of college application essays, along the way helping them develop the writing and editing skills that will be crucial to college success. Clay also enjoys working with college students and graduates on the GRE and GMAT exams and provides writing instruction and editing assistance to college students in humanities courses.

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