Daniel M.

Tutor, Philadelphia

Daniel is currently a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, where is working towards a master’s degree in education policy.  The passion for education that started him on this journey blossomed in high school, when he sought out advanced Mandarin and philosophy classes at Smith College that he could not take in his Northampton, MA highschool.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University, where he majored in East Asian Studies and took on a prominent role tutoring inner-city high school students as part of a volunteer organization.

As his passion for teaching grew, Daniel decided to spend the next several years in the classroom—starting out as an SAT and ACT coach with Testive, and eventually spending three semesters in Taiwan teaching elementary school English on a Fulbright scholarship.   Daniel has seen high-stakes testing and prep models in schools abroad and knows how to combine the best elements of these systems with his own unique touches to fit his students’ needs.  When he isn’t thinking about how to get your child a top score and access to a dream school, Daniel enjoys listening to music, going for walks, and playing with his cat Daisy.

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