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Eli S.

Tutor, New York

Originally hailing from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, Eli is a newly minted resident of New York City and recent graduate from Harvard University. At Harvard – much to the confusion of his academic advisors – he studied a wide range of topics including philosophy, psychology, French literature, organic chemistry, and drama. He ultimately graduated with a degree in English (and many hours logged in rehearsals for theater performances and his a cappella group). Prior to his time at Harvard, Eli finished high school as a National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist, a National AP Scholar, and a candidate for the Presidential Scholars program. Over the years, he has tutored in a variety of subjects from algebra and calculus, to chemistry and physics, to essay-writing and literature analysis. With his recent move to NYC, Eli now occupies his time by working in the theatrical industry, making music, and exploring any patch of greenery that he can find in the five boroughs.

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