Jonghee Celeste Q.

Program Teacher, New York

Jonghee Celeste Quispe is a born and raised New Yorker hailing from Queens. She attended Swarthmore College where she studied theater and music. A veteran of the NYC public school system (including Stuyvesant High School), she has always held a passion for education and has been tutoring professionally for over ten years.

Jonghee Celeste brings her varied tutoring experiences into all of her teaching. Whether helping an elementary schooler learn fractions or running a 30-person SAT course, she understands the importance of a unique and tailored tutoring experience. She is of the firm belief that anyone can learn; it’s simply a matter of figuring out what works.

Outside of the classroom, Jonghee Celeste frequents the NYC theater scene as both a viewer and performer. Her one-woman shows and stand-up comedy have been featured in a number of festivals. She also loves musical theater and can definitely rap Hamilton faster than you!

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