Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kayla graduated cum laude from the University of Minnesota–Duluth with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. Growing up, in high school and college, Kayla held many leadership roles including Speech Team Captain and Vice President of the Drama Club, which entailed helping new students to get acclimated to the school and also involved setting specific goals for themselves throughout the year. As the daughter of a math teacher, she often helped her mother grade tests/homework and various projects for her classes. She has worked with students of all ages on various subjects during the summers and school years. Since moving to New York this past April, Kayla has worked in numerous customer service jobs, and has enjoyed getting to know this city. In addition to tutoring, Kayla is an emerging Actor, and spends time working with friends to create various projects and films. When she is not acting or helping students prepare for the ACT/SAT, Kayla enjoys yoga, hanging out with her friend’s dog, and going for walks along the Hudson.