Marc K.

Program Teacher, New York

After a four-year midwestern hiatus to earn his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, Marc returned to his New York roots to obtain his MBA from NYU. After a distinguished career on Wall Street, Marc changed course to pursue his long-time passion for teaching, going back to Hunter College for his Masters in Adolescent Education.

In addition to his classroom duties as an Algebra teacher at a public middle school in East Harlem, he was instrumental in implementing the school’s SHSAT after-school instructional program, teaching and mentoring his students as they traversed through the New York City high school process.

As a parent, he helped his two college- age sons successfully navigate through their college application journeys. At A-List, Marc has tutored students for the SAT, and he is excited to apply his experiences and expertise in his quest to assist students in their own college selection process.

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