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Raj Singh

Senior Education Advisor, Boston MA

Originally from Syosset on Long Island, Raj is a born and raised Long Islander, and recent Boston College graduate. He is currently applying to medical school, with the goal of becoming an emergency medicine physician. At BC he studied biology and finance, graduating with a degree in Biology and a minor in Finance. Raj has always excelled in standardized testing, scoring in the 99th percentile on both the SAT and ACT. In addition to his success on high school standardized testing, Raj excelled at the college level, scoring in the 95th percentile on the Medical College Admission Test, and in the 98th percentile on the Graduate Records Examination. In both high school and college, Raj tutored both SAT and ACT exams, helping over thirty students achieve top scores. In addition to standardized test prep, Raj has tutored many different subjects, including algebra, calculus, and chemistry. Raj spends his free time working out, boating, going out to eat and spending time with his dog.

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