Samuel Adams

Samuel A.

Program Teacher, New York

Although a third-generation native of New York City, Sam was raised upstate in a town of 300 people. He graduated from the London Dramatic Academy and Adelphi University magna cum laude. With a major in theater arts and a focus in the humanities, Sam participated in many university and extracurricular productions, and worked as resident graphic designer for the theater department. During his last two years, he worked closely with the Dean of the Honors College in a special study of Homeric Greek. Since graduating, Sam has worked as a director and an actor in films, television, off-broadway plays, commercials, and even a few video games. Sam began teaching in 2014, working as a teaching artist to bring theater arts programming to hundreds of middle school students across New York City. He joined A-List in 2016 as an SAT/ACT program instructor, as well as an editor and assistant to students crafting their college application essays. Outside of the classroom, Sam has a passionate curiosity and a healthy case of wanderlust, which has led him across the globe to pursue his interests. In recent years he has travelled to Iceland to study volcanism and glaciation, to the Florida Keys to study marine biology, to London to work on productions of Shakespeare’s plays, and most recently to Tennessee to witness the total solar eclipse.

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