Scott Farber

Founder, New York

Robert is one of A-List’s founders and has been working in the test preparation industry since the age of 18. During his first year at Columbia University in the spring of 1997, he was hired by a Long Island based company that runs premium courses for the SAT. After teaching for all four years of college, he graduated in 2000 with a B.A. in Philosophy, training that has honed his reasoning skills and enabled him to more fully understand the logic of the test. After graduating, he began to work full-time at a leading test preparation company and has since performed virtually every role to be played in the company at one time or another. He has recruited, hired and trained new teachers. He has also personally taught hundreds of students. His primary concern for the past few years has been developing materials at all levels, from training documents and manuals for staff to drills, lectures, and practice tests for students. Most notably, he had a pivotal role in updating the curriculum for the new version SAT, by doing research, writing problems and lectures, and examining pedagogical strategies for the new test. It is this expertise that he now brings to A-List. He is the principal author and editor of all A-List’s tutoring materials, most notably The Book of Knowledge. His extensive research has ensured that the materials are accurate reflections of the nature, style, and content of the test. His personal experience in the classroom has ensured that the materials are fun, easy to understand, and geared toward the material kids need the most. He is continually revising existing materials and developing new ones in order to perfect the A-List experience..

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