Zach L.

Program Teacher, New York

When Zach got his SAT results back in high school, he was confused. He went to his dad and said, "Dad, something's wrong with the webpage. It's telling me the max number of points possible, but not what I scored." His dad looked at the computer. "Uh, no, my son...I think you SCORED the max number of points possible."

And he HAD! After prepping for the test with the help of an expert instructor, Zach had gone into his first go-round of the SAT and come out with a perfect score. He had even guessed on more than a couple of questions - but he had been taught how to guess well!

With the help of that score, he was accepted into Sarah Lawrence College, and was awarded some substantial scholarship and financial aid. There he studied liberal arts, with a concentration in theater. Since graduating, he has acted in various off-off-Broadway and regional theater productions, as well as some independent film work. He also is a pretty decent barista at this point, and has strong opinions on how to properly steam milk for flat whites and macchiatos.

Zach is delighted to be a part of the A-List team, where he gets to help students understand how the SAT works and how to take it with confidence every day.

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