Zachary Riopelle

Zachary R.


Zachary Riopelle specializes in SAT/ACT tutoring at A List Education. At the forefront of Zachary’s pedagogy are patience, persistence, and positivity. After graduating from Brown University with a B.A. in Modern Culture and Media, Zachary moved back home to the Upper West Side and began working as an educator; he has experience working with students both in person and remotely. Zachary is most interested in the intersection of arts and sciences. He attended LaGuardia High School for drama to explore this convergence. In addition to being an avid reader and deep thinker, Zachary is an award winning cabaret artist and theatre performer. When he is not tutoring, Zachary can be found baking sourdough boules, painting abstract triptychs, and making jazz music. His favorite standards include “Here’s That Rainy Day” and “Perdido”. Be Good. Have Fun. Learn Lots.

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