Scott F.- in all the excitement last night I was remiss in calling and thanking you first and foremost. I hope Ryan did. He could not have done this without you. Not only are you an incredible teacher but you get the kids, you understand what makes them tick and how to get the best out of them. It reminds me of my coaching days, each kid you have to push in different ways or frankly, sometimes the push doesn’t help to get the most out of them. You are a teacher, coach, psychologist and most important a friend and a dear one as you care so much about my family and my boys. I can’t THANK YOU enough. I mean that sincerely and I am truly appreciative for your care, concern and interest in making this day for Ryan a reality and all my kids. You are a very special guy. Again- you should be the first person we thanked. You are the best! Thanks again. We are thrilled and he was never as happy as he was when he heard, that’s all you could ever want for your child and this is thanks to you.