AList Turkey

Can A-List come to my school?

Yes! A-List currently works closely with the TED Ankara, ODTU, Ankara Ozel Tevfik Fikret Lisesi, Kabatas Erkek Lisesi, SEV Uskudar Amerikan Lisesi, Amerikan Kultur students in a wide range of programs to deliver quality materials, instruction, and training to students in preparation for the SAT and ACT, SAT Subject Test, TOEFL, AP and College Counseling.

We’d love to teach your students and/or train your teachers! Please email or call one of our offices for more information about bringing A-List to your school/organization.

How do I get started?

Contact us to arrange your initial meet and greet session with an A-List tutor! This is an opportunity for families to meet our tutors and for us to evaluate your student as a test-taker. We can talk about any questions you might have, discuss a plan for moving forward, and pick possible test dates for the exams. Students will als ohave the opportunity to work through some SAT/ACT concepts and problems, so our tutors can get an idea of their abilities.

Simply email and an A-List Turkey representative will be in touch with more informtion about our program and scheduling your first session!

Otherwise, please call or email our office(s):


A-List Turkiye – Ankara
Mutlukent Mahallesi
Agac Seven Sokak 1/46
Umitkoy, Ankara 06810
Phone #: +90 (312) 235-1294


A-List Turkiye – Istanbul
Goztepe Mahallesi Goksuevleri sitesi
Nilufer sokak, A13b
34815 Beykoz/İSTANBUL
Phone #: +90 (532) 361-5757

What else does A-List do?

Take a look around our site to learn more about A-List! What began as a mission to introduce a new vision of education to a handful of students in 2005 has grown to serve more than 50,000 students and educators a year through our tutoring, school and nonprofit programs.

In addition to offices in Ankara and Istanbul, A-List has locations in New York, Los AngelesLondon, Dubai, Istanbul, and Shanghai — and a network of partners stretching across the United States and around the world.

From SAT/ACT instruction boasting the highest average score improvements to professional development programs consistently rated as best in class by teachers around the world, and from revolutionary technology delivering data and analysis to drive targeted educational work to collaborations with leading institutions in an effort to level the playing field, A-List puts students and teachers first. We believe that education is the foundation upon which all our futures are built.

Whether you are a family looking for SAT/ACT tutoring or academic assistance for a school/organization looking to help your students get college ready, A-List is your solution. We look forward to working with more Turkish families and institutions to help you achieve your educational goals!