Alyssa Block Testimonials

“From the very first session A-List made things easy, from scheduling and billing – to testing. My son’s tutor, Alyssa, is incredibly knowledgeable, with an amazing personality. She gave him great feedback and shared valuable shortcuts and tips. She was encouraging and patient. The assignments were extremely helpful and kept him on track. With both of my children we saw a significant improvement in score results. We used Alyssa for SAT prep for my daughter and ACT prep for my son and felt equally confident in her skills for both. We cannot thank A-List enough.”
-Mother of Devin B. (Wheatley, 2018)

“I found that my one on one experience with an A-List tutor helped me improve my SAT scores significantly. Between the test environment provided to me on several weekends as well as my work with my tutor, I raised my score over 400 points, shattering my initial goal.”
Adam S. (Bellmore JFK, 2017) +240 SAT points

“A-List helped me grow so much to achieve beyond the scores that I wanted on the ACT and I am so happy to have used A-List!”
Alix Negrin (Merrick, 2017) 

“I loved my tutor- we got along great. She really prepared me for tests that in the beginning I was very nervous for. I ended up doing better than I expected. Also I think taking the practice tests on the weekends helped a lot along with my tutor.”
-Catherine M. (Syosset, 2017) +5 ACT points
Villanova University, Class of 2021

Alyssa was fantastic. Aside from following the materials in the book of knowledge, she always made sure to use a plan that worked best for me. Everything was tailored exactly to how I learn. She allowed for my input in a lot of the workload which helped me manage my time better so I could put full effort into my work, but at the same time, she pushed me to work harder each week, helping me improve by 470 SAT points, 210 of which were in critical reading, alone. She made sure that I always knew exactly what was happening at all times. Even if I thought I knew a math or grammar topic, Alyssa made sure we would go over it, just to be safe. Good thing she did because we picked up on a decent number of topics I didn’t know as well as I thought I did. I know that she really cares about how well I do, not only on standardized tests, because she also helped me write my personal statement for the Common Application, as well as a couple of my supplemental essays. I’ve already recommended A-List and Alyssa for a friend a year younger, and I will definitely do so again in the future.”
-Jacob M. (Bellmore JFK, 2016) +390 SAT points

“Everything was so incredibly convenient and organized. There was always a testing option that worked with my schedule so that I could still enjoy my weekend. A-List did a great job matching me with a tutor who understood how I worked and learned which gave me more success overall.”
-Jake M. (Bellmore JFK, 2016) +9 ACT points

“A-List has helped me in more ways than I can imagine. Thanks to them, I feel accomplished and ready to start college.”
-Kate V. (Marist High School, 2017)

“I worked with Alyssa Block. She made tutoring a fun experience and helped me with every section of the ACT. Every tip she taught me made a difference in my scores. I would definitely recommend her to my peers in the future.”
-Sydney Z. (Syosset, 2016) +260 SAT points