Azusa Ueno Testimonials

“My daughter’s tutor Azusa worked tirelessly to help my daughter get the best grade she could possibly get on the ACT. Azusa went above and beyond to provide Olivia with extra science material so that Olivia could ace the science section. We will use A-list for SAT2 Subject Tests and for our other children. Thank you all so much. Better than we hoped considering the ACT score you guys helped us achieve.”

“My experience with A-List has been beyond rewarding and helpful. My tutor, Azusa, believes in my abilities and encourages me to do the ample practice I need to meet my full potential. She is beyond qualified for her job. She brought my score up on the December ACT to almost perfect, something I thought impossible just a couple months ago. She pushed me when I was slacking and gave me reassurance when I needed it in preparation for the December ACT. She is an amazing tutor and I could not have gotten my score without her. She has been an absolute pleasure.”
Olivia B. + Mom (Hunter College High School, 2018)

“We had and are having a wonderful experience with A-Lists’ Azusa Ueno. Azusa is a master of time management and planned out each lesson and practice test to perfection. Her weekly goals for Emma were challenging but realistic; she helped Emma to maintain motivation and was able to execute a flawless strategic plan for steady growth. Thanks to Azusa, Emma achieved her target ACT score on her first try at the test and was incredibly relieved and happy. Azusa transformed stress into success and made the daunting seem doable. I would highly recommend Azusa and A-List for any student.”
Mother of Emma B. (St. Ann’s, 2018) +4 ACT points

“My tutor Azusa helped me improve my score by 6 points. She constantly encouraged me to do better in and out of our sessions, and was always readily available to help me with any question. She single handedly taught me a years worth of math, and not only did my math score improve but my general knowledge of the subject did as well. She has taught me skills and tactics that not only helped me succeed in the ACT, but in high school.”
Quincy L. (Marymount, 2017) +6 ACT points

“I have been working with Azusa for a few weeks now and she has helped me improve from a 27 to a 30 on the ACT in a matter of just those few weeks (and we are hoping to get that score up even more :). I can always text her and ask her if I have a quick question about one of the practice problems and she always finds time to meet with me. Overall, I am extremely glad to have her as my tutor!”
-Paula K. (Dwight School, 2016) +3 ACT points
Dartmouth College, Class of 2020

Azuza was a great tutor for both my son and daughter. She helped prepare them for both the SAT and ACT. She was able to show them the best way to approach and answer questions. Azuza was dedicated and enthusiastic which made the whole process easier. Then they could take a full length practice test on almost every weekend. I would recommend A-List to any one.”
Mother of Julia & Zubin K. (Portledge, 2015 & 2016) +6 (combined) ACT points
University of Michigan, Class of 2019 & Boston University, Class of 2020

“My daughter worked with Azusa Ueno from the second week in July until the first week of September, the start of her senior year. Azusa worked diligently with her encouraging her to study hard and “have no regrets” heading into her (hopefully) last ACT exam before she started sending out her college apps. My daughter had great respect for Azusa and really connected with her. As a parent, I was happy she had such a great rapport with Azusa as this helped her stay motivated during the summer months. With great joy I can report my daughter increased her ACT score by 4 points! Thanks again Azusa.”
Mother of Olivia B. (Bellmore JFK, 2015) +4 ACT points

“Our tutor, Azusa, was outstanding. Not only did she get to know Zoe’s specific needs and then provide the right strategies for improvement, she also knew just how to encourage and push Zoe to get to where she needed to be. Azusa was always on time, and very flexible in allowing us to change the schedule when necessary. Everyone at A-List was helpful. They provided us with many practice tests (even when it seemed like we had used up all the ones we had), which was vital in continuing to get the scores up.”
Mother of Zoe V. (Manhasset, 2015) +220 SAT points

“I really needed to improve my SAT scores and didn’t think that was possible. Once I started working with my tutor, Azusa I realized that I actually had a chance to get a great score. She pushed me and taught me everything I needed to succeed and it really helped in the long run. My A-list experience was critical to the improvement I saw in my scores. I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling to bring up there scores, or just someone who feels like they can achieve more.”
-Reid K. (Wheatley, 2015) +420 SAT points

“We were very pleased with our tutor, Azusa. She worked so well with my son and really motivated him to study hard. She knew exactly what he needed to focus on and made sure he did what he needed to do. I have another child who will be going through the process in a few years. We will definitely be calling on Azusa to help us again.”
Mother of Jacob S. (North Shore Hebrew Academy, 2015) +8 ACT points

Azusa’s expert problem solving skills and warm demeanor combined to create the perfect storm of learning. She constantly probed and prodded our daughter, Alana, developing and refining strategies for her based on her skill set. Rather than imposing a generic pre-packaged methodology on Alana, she strived to understand how Alana made meaning of the problems she was presented with and then tailored her sessions to Alana’s strengths, while at the same time seeking to eliminate her weaknesses. All in all this was a very successful strategy and Alana hit her targets. Of note, Azusa was available to Alana on demand. She was selfless with her time. Thanks, A-List!”
-Mother of Alana W. (Roslyn, 2014) +230 SAT points

“I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to praising our sons experience with his tutor Azusa. Let me start by saying that she arrived on time every single week with a warm smile and a very positive attitude. Having her in our home was a pleasure and her positive, encouraging attitude spilled over to our son which made his sessions very productive. Azusa’s instruction made it possible for our son to be a National Merit Commended student on the PSAT. He was amazed at all the techniques that Azusa taught him to improve his scores in all three sections of the SAT. He could not have gotten the score he did on the SAT without Azusa’s instruction and kind encouragement! Our son Cory was so pleased with the results that he wants to continue being tutored by Azusa for the SAT II’s in math. Thank you so much for everything Azusa!”
Cory W. (Jericho, 2013) +330 SAT points

“A-List paired my daughter Gabrielle with Asuza knowing the potential for a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience – what they didn’t know was the tremendous positive influence she would have on Gabrielle as well. They are both very musically inclined and therefore speak a similar language. Asuza was able to figure out how to present the learning process so that Gabrielle could understand how to problem solve on her own. Not only is she a brilliant teacher, but an inspiring musician and wonderful role model who we can only hope will still be with A-List for our son when he is ready for the SAT’s also.”
Mother of Gabrielle L. (Great Neck South, 2012) +210 SAT points