Basic Program Questions

Our program covers all content and strategies of your selected exam including the essay sections. We also make sure that, if a particular area is a point of weakness, we take the time necessary to bolster basic skills to maximize each student’s scoring potential.

The time your student spends with A-List will depend on his or her strengths, weaknesses, and determination. For full preparation, most of our students stay with us an average of 24 one-hour sessions (not including practice exams). Our tutors are also equipped for shorter, more targeted preparation for students focused on specific sections and/or goals. Many of our students choose to spend the school year with us, take both the SAT and the ACT, and continue through to subject tests, AP exams, and college advising.


Yes, yes, and yes! At A-List, our goal is to be your one stop shop for all academic needs. We offer support for practically any school subject (including college level subjects) and exam (including NYS regents, AP, and SAT Subject Test tutoring) as well as study skills. We can come in for a quick review before a test, support your child through his or her academic year, and anything in between, all year round!

A-List also offers fully-customizable college advising packages! From dotting your proverbial i’s to college selection and resume preparation, we can help with any aspect of your advising needs.


If you are ever concerned about your student’s progress or think the program needs to change, please contact the A-List office immediately. We will always work with you to make sure progress is positive and effective.


At A-List, we don’t believe that a teaching degree is the only qualifier for a skilled educator. While we always look for tutors that have a foundation of teaching, tutoring, and mentoring, we specifically look for college graduates who have a gift for conveying information to students. This gives us a broad spectrum of extremely talented educators that come from backgrounds that range from psychology to medieval literature and physics. Most often, our tutors come from our Ivy League alumni networks.

Our hiring process is rigorous—we have, on average, over 100 applicants for every tutoring position. If you’re hired to work for us, you must demonstrate a strong background in English (reading/writing) and math along with the skills necessary to convey that material to students.

Regardless of experience level, all of our new tutors must complete our 100 hour training program with our senior staff and founders. The program ensures that all of our tutors not only have full competency with the exams but also have the same strategies and lesson plans that have been used by our entire staff since our founding.

The ability to find an individual student’s strengths, adapt a course to a particular learning style, and push a student to their academic limits is rare. We make it our mission to find teachers that can do just that.


Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen our hard-working students improve an average of 300 points on the old format SAT and 5 points on the ACT. This includes all of our students from all starting points and is by no means an upper limit. We’ve had extremely diligent students improve as much as 700 points on the SAT and 16 points on the ACT! Of course, with the change in the new SAT, we’ll have to wait for the first few results to come back in May and June of 2016 before we can provide those stats.

Improvement on the SAT or ACT is highly dependent on the work put in by the student. Although we have proven results with our strategies, we can’t guarantee score improvements. Progress is heavily dependent on an individual student’s determination, ability, and work habits. Though we can push our students to achieve their goals, we can’t guarantee that they’ll apply what we’ve taught them during the real exam. Ultimately, each student is responsible for his or her score.

We should take this opportunity to caution you against score improvement guarantees offered by other companies. Many times this is not a money-back guarantee. It’s a promise that you can keep taking a course over and over again until you’re satisfied or jump ship. Our students typically don’t have to repeat the same course—they need specific work and review with targeted strategies and/or questions. We spend the time with our students to find those weaknesses and address them on an individual level.