10 Things to Think About Before the May SAT

So, the May SAT is just a day away, but don’t freak out!  You have been preparing all along and should be ready. We just wanted to give you 10 easy things to think about between now and test time to ensure you’re good-to-go:

  1. Print out your Admission Ticket now…not later. In case there is an issue with your printer, the computer, the ticket, you’ll want to find out sooner than later.
  2. Make sure your calculator has batteries. A calculator without batteries is like a car without an engine—not terribly useful.
  3. Don’t forget your pencils. The test sites do not always have extra pencils. That would be a shame to do all the preparation, be to the site on time, and not be able to take the test because you did not have a pencil.
  4. Remember your watch. It is a timed test after all. You cannot always count on a room having a (working) clock or even that the proctor will announce the time remaining. Remove the risk and bring your own watch. Problem solved.
  5. Get plenty of rest Friday night. Friday night is not the time for you to stay up late getting caught up on missed episodes of Jersey Shore.
  6. Eat a good breakfast. This does not mean you should eat 51 eggs, which would be a record by the way. Save the adventurous eating for next weekend!
  7. Bring a snack for the break. It is a long test, so you need to give yourself a little pick-me up at the break. Good snacks are apples; even candy bars will do—anything to get your heart pumping.
  8. Dress in layers. As you may have noticed, it was 70 degrees in April. However, on Saturday morning it could be 30 degrees, or it could be raining, or it could 80 degrees. By dressing layers, you will be prepared no matter what weather is thrown at you. And, while you are it, lay out your clothes the night before—preventing any morning fashion catastrophe.
  9. Spend some time reviewing all that you know and have learned so far. Now is not the time to try to learn new information. In these last few days, be sure to spend time to reinforce all of the information that you have been studying these past few months.
    Math: Review Target Numbers, Guesstimate, RTFQ, Fool’s Gold, Plug in, Backsolve, Math Basics, Algebra, Geometry, and Functions
    Reading: Review timing guidelines, vocabulary that you’ve already learned, Sentence Completion strategies, and strategies for critical reading
    Writing: Review the major rules that you have covered (e.g., Subject/Verb, Pronoun, Parallelism, Dangling Modifiers, etc.)
    Essay: Review the examples that you plan on using in your essay so that they will be ready to go on test day
  10. Get there early! Saturday morning is not the time to be late. They are strict with the time. Once the test has started, they do NOT allow anyone to enter. If you are there early, the worst thing that can happen is that you spend some time thinking about how well you are doing to do.

You should take confidence that you have been diligently preparing and are ready for this test. Take a deep breath, do well, and then wait roughly 17-19 days for the scores.


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