10 Things You’ll Go Through When You Take the ACT/SAT

Sixty minutes to answer sixty questions, “BEGIN!” the proctor barks, your knees are weak and your palms are sweaty – hopefully your sweater isn’t also covered in mom’s spaghetti or you might just be 15-time Grammy-award winning rap artist, Eminem and why would Eminem be taking the ACT? – wait, what are you doing thinking about Eminem at a time like this?! You’ve got an ACT Math section to ace! Number one…wait, check the clock, how much time do you have? 45 minutes left? How long were you thinking about Eminem? Okay, time to batten down the hatches – if you’ve got 45 minutes to complete 60 questions then that means you have to complete each question in….hold on, get out your calculator – 60 minus, no you should divide – wait! You’ve got no time to calculate, you need to get started!

Losing focus during your ACT/SAT happens to everyone and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s also one of ten things that anyone who has taken the ACT/SAT has gone through:

    1. Denial – It’s almost that time, the time to take the test to end all tests, the most widely discussed and (sometimes) feared tests and you’re gonna take it. It’s not possible, I thought this day would never co
    2. ProcrastinateProcrastinate…PROCRASTINATE.
    3. Lose Focus – See top of post, but don’t get lost in thoughts about Eminem.
    4. Sweat profusely – Let’s hope that the testing room is nice and cold. Otherwise, if tests make you nervous enough to sweat, you’ll need to bring a towel.
    5. Chew gum – Chewing gum while studying for the ACT/SAT and chewing gum while taking the test will help you recall the information that you studied. It also helps to study while listening to a particular song, then when you’re taking the test and you think of the song in your head, you’ll be more likely to remember what you studied!
    6. Find Confidence – on the reading section and want to run away during the math section (unless you’re one of those “math” people).
    7. Lose hope – There’s too many questions, not enough time…I just wanna go home! Why should I even bother? I’ll just doodle on my bubble-sheet and call it a day.
    8. RALLY! – Wait a minute! I’m better than this. I’m smart, I’m capable, and I can conquer this test!
    9. Attack the test – Not physically attack it of course, but get focused and answer swiftly with confidence.
    10. Get help – Ideally one would do this before they are staring– getting help via an online resource, an in-person class, or private tutor can really help improve your confidence and score on the ACT/SAT. (Shameless plug time: A-List offers all of these things and more – we can help you with ACT/SAT Prep with test-taking strategies, practice tests, private tutoring (in person and online), and for test prep. Contact us to get started!)

Okay, that last one isn’t something that would happen during the test, but it’s an important point! Getting ACT/SAT help before you have an anxiety attack in the test room can make a massive difference in your testing experience and (the reason you take the test) can improve your final score. So, take a deep breath, explore your options tutoring options, and get ready to kick that test in the butt!

This blog post was written by A-List School & Institutional Partnerships Coordinator, Austin Crowley.


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