2016-2017 Acceptance Rates at Top Colleges

Acceptance letters have been sent, students have weighed their options, and, as of May 1st, most students have decided and accepted their spot for the fall of 2017. Now that the class of 2021 has basically been set it’s time think about the next application cycle and the new acceptances rates being released from colleges and universities across the country. What’s the general trend we’re seeing?  Acceptance rates have gone down.

But, before you start stressing about whether you are going to get into your top choice school remember that acceptance rates are based on the number of applications that each school has received and this past year was another record breaking application year for applications. What does this mean for students applying next year? Now more than ever you’ve got to stand out! We know this can be a daunting task and it’s sometimes hard to identify how you can stand out against seemingly similar students, but A-List has got your back! With our stellar test prep tutors and college advisors we will help you stand out from the crowd, blow the college admissions process out of the water, and get into your top school!

Now with all of this in mind check out a sampling of updated college acceptances rates for the 2016-2017 application season:

College or University 2015-2016 Rates 2016-2017 Rates
Stanford 5% 4.65%
Harvard 6% 5.2%
Princeton 6.5% 6.1%
Columbia 7% 5.8%
Yale 6% 6.9%
Duke 11% 7.3%
Brown 9% 8.3%
Vanderbilt 12% 8.6%
University of Pennsylvania 10% 9.2%
Dartmouth 11% 10.4%
Cornell 14% 12.5%
Georgetown 16% 15.4%
Tulane 28% 21%
Emory 24% 21.8%
NYU 35% 27%
University of Virginia 28.9% 27%


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