2018 ACT-SAT Concordance Charts: Better Understand Your Scores

The ACT and College Board have released a new set of ACT-SAT Concordance charts to directly compare ACT and SAT scores. If you have a score in one test, you can use these charts to determine what a similar score on the other test would be. So, for example, if you got 1100 on the SAT, that is about equivalent to a 22 on the ACT, according to these charts. Note that this isn’t as straightforward as converting miles to kilometers. This concordance merely suggests that if you took both tests at similar times, without preparing or changing your habits between them, you would get these two scores.

Previously, the only charts available were crude estimates, because of the lack of data for the new format SAT that began in 2016. Now that the new SAT has been around for a few years, they were able to conduct a more rigorous study with a more reliable concordance. If you’ve been using the old charts, you’ll find that they’re mostly the same except for the highest scores. For example, on the old charts a 1400 on the SAT was a 30 on the ACT, but now it’s a 31 ACT. This doesn’t change anything about your actual scores—the scores you got are the scores you got. But it may change the way colleges think about your scores.

Tables and additional explanatory material are available here.

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