As a parent, you’re fully aware of the challenges and stresses that your teenagers face on a daily basis. Our young people have to regularly balance their academics with extracurricular activities and part-time jobs, not to mention the natural social pressures of teen life in the 21st century! All of this begs the question: why do we even bother with test prep?

This might sound like a bizarre question for a test prep company to pose, but hear us out: if our students are already juggling several different commitments and responsibilities, why add another? Is it that important to invest so much time and emotional bandwidth into the college application and standardized testing process with our students?

As we’re in the early days of summer, we find ourselves in an ideal moment to reflect on how we’re going to expend our energy for the remainder of the year. So why should you and your child keep your eyes on the college and test prep prize over the coming months? Here are three simple reminders.

You are investing in your teenager’s future.

When it comes to SAT or ACT prep, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. We as parents and educators have a tendency to get so wrapped up in the simple numbers behind SAT score improvements or college averages. As a result, we forget that preparing to take the SAT/ACT is a major stepping stone in students’ journey toward adulthood. A deeper knowledge of how these tests work and how their scores affect admissions will help advance your child into a top competitive college, which will in turn open up greater career opportunities down the road.

In other words, achieving a high score isn’t just an impressive number on a college transcript; it’s a means toward a brighter and better future.

You are gaining a greater insight into the college prep process.

If you go into your local bookstore or cruise around websites like Amazon or Lulu for long enough, you will find plenty of suitable ACT/SAT workbooks filled with practice problems and tips for improving test scores. In these books, you will find much of the basic information your child needs to perform well on these tests.

Here’s the thing, though: by themselves, none of these books will get your student a great score.

Great test prep is a matter of reading between the lines, anticipating traps, and budgeting time. While a book can provide some of these insights, it takes an outstanding test prep expert to walk with a student and work with them on their overall skills and technique — just like an athletics coach or music instructor!

Plus, it’s likely that you have just as many questions about the college application and standardized testing process as your child does. At this point in the game, why not turn it over to a test prep expert? Click here for a free consultation.

You are strengthening the bond between you and your child.

It goes without saying that it’s not always easy being the parent of a teenager. At that age, our young people are in the habit of testing the boundaries we lay out for their development and safety, while also learning the limitations of their own budding independence. In short, when it comes to college and SAT/ACT prep, your child likely needs a lot more help than they’re letting on!

Getting involved in your child’s hobbies, interests, and assignments is a vital part of parenting. But how exactly does a parent get involved in test and college prep? By taking the journey with their child! Look into a SAT prep course or a college advising seminar and sign your student up. When given the opportunity, reach out to their test prep tutor or college advisor and ask plenty of questions. Organize college visits and go along for the ride.

By taking an active role in your teenager’s college and test prep, you will find the bond with your child strengthening as a result. You will discover more about your child that you never knew before, and they in turn will discover a lot more about you. They will never forget your commitment to helping them get into a great college, and you will never forget the lessons you learned together.

Don’t delay your teenager’s college and test prep for another day! Click here to speak to an expert now.

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