As many parents and students are well aware, one major concern for schools during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been learning loss. Due to the disruptions of the 2020-2021 school year, and to an extent the 2021-2022 year following it, many students have found themselves falling behind on topics they learned prior to or during the coronavirus-related school closures. If this sounds familiar, it’s understandable to be concerned, but there’s no need to panic! Learning loss tutoring is here to help, and is more popular than ever for students who worry they may be falling behind. So how does learning loss tutoring work, and is it a good idea for you? Let’s have a look and find out:

What Is Learning Loss Tutoring?

Learning loss tutoring is a specialized form of one-on-one or small-group tutoring, which focuses on reviewing or sharpening skills and subjects on which a student may have fallen behind. Unlike typical tutoring, learning loss tutoring doesn’t focus on what students are currently studying, or help students prepare for upcoming exams or standardized tests. Instead, learning loss tutoring focuses on reviewing and strengthening concepts students learned in previous academic terms. Learning loss tutoring is meant to serve as catch-up when students have had an interruption or extenuating circumstances causing them to lose mastery of concepts they’ve previously been taught.

While learning loss tutoring is nothing new, since the coronavirus pandemic caused so much disruption for students across the country, it’s become more in demand than ever. In fact, it’s even popular around the world — some countries, like the United Kingdom, are experimenting with government-funded initiatives to provide learning loss tutoring to students who need it through the state school system. As students look toward their futures in a post-pandemic world, learning loss tutoring can help prepare them to meet their academic careers head-on.

How Will Learning Loss Tutoring Impact My Schedule?

Perhaps the greatest challenge for students starting learning loss tutoring is time management. Since this tutoring is covering different concepts than students are studying in their regular classes, they are covering more concepts per subject than their peers. However, you shouldn’t let that scare you off — even if the concepts may be different, learning loss tutoring can be helpful for your current schoolwork, in addition to reinforcing previously learned material.

While students work through different concepts year by year and term by term, no academic concept is an island. The things you study now are built on everything you learned before, and reinforcing those previous concepts, and making certain you have a strong foundation, will help you move on to more advanced topics. While you may need to keep a close eye on deadlines, so as not to let learning loss tutoring keep you from staying on top of homework, classwork, or even SAT/ACT prep, a few adjustments will pay dividends in the long run — the things you learn through tutoring will carry through everywhere else!

Is Learning Loss Tutoring Right for Me?

Whether or not learning loss tutoring is the right decision for you is a deeply personal question that requires reflection. Have you been struggling in your classes? What challenges and stresses are at the forefront of your mind? How did the coronavirus pandemic, and your experiences with virtual and hybrid learning, impact your schoolwork and mental health? These are all questions to ask yourself, and only you can know the answers. Whatever conclusion you come to, it’s always a good idea to explore your options and know your strengths and weaknesses.

Remember, for learning loss tutoring, or even just a discussion of where you stand academically, expert professionals, like our team at A-List, are always available and ready to answer any questions you may have. Let our years of knowledge get to work helping you succeed!

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