A helping hand to get you through the ACT

Are you dreaming of university life in the USA? Imagining lush green campuses and vast lecture halls? All that is standing in your way is the ACT. As your test date draws closer are you starting to feel more anxious? There is a way to ease your nerves and that is preparation.

ACT Tutoring in London At A-List Education UK we’re here to help you get prepared with ACT Tutoring in London. With one of our tutors by your side, you can hone your test skills, discover your strengths and weaknesses and ultimately ace the ACT.

Who are our tutors?

All of our tutors who provide ACT Tutoring in London are graduates of top American universities. They’ve enjoyed university life in the USA and remember what it was like to be in your shoes. When they joined A-List Education they went through rigorous training to ensure high quality teaching and guidance. This training doesn’t end after their induction; our tutors are continually training and improving their skills so you get the best possible service.

What resources do we provide?

Preparing to take the ACT means practice, practice, practice. That just isn’t possible unless you’ve got an ample supply of test papers. When you choose ACT Tutoring in London with A-List Education you get access to our proprietary ACT test prep materials which we’ve carefully crafted after years of extensive research into standardised testing. You’ll also get to undergo free proctored full-length practice tests. That means you will get a realistic experience of the test environment, as well as the test questions themselves.

What are our results like?

ACT Tutoring in London with A-List Education has a proven track record.  We’ve been helping international students with the ACT since 2012 and on average our students see an improvement of 5 points, which is quite a jump considering the ACT is scored out of 36. The top quarter of our students see an even bigger jump of 7 points.

Interested in ACT Tutoring in London?

Then get in touch with our friendly team today and find out more about how we can help you ace the ACT.

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