A-List Announces New Partnership with LinkIt!

portal-graphicA-List Education recently announced a partnership with data-driven, education technology solutions provider, LinkIt! The collaboration brings together A-List’s extensive test prep expertise and LinkIt’s innovative assessment-management and reporting system to create a revolutionary ACT/SAT Assessment and Content Portal. The online platform offers schools, educational organizations and nonprofits a low-cost, automated and rapid solution for generating test scores and analysis and delivering instant feedback on student performance. Its extensive assessment functionality utilizes officially-released ACT & SAT questions in addition to subject-specific content—all aligned to Common Core State Standards.

The instant feedback offered by this multiservice platform enables a new teaching paradigm, allowing educators to focus their curriculum and address the most crucial topics to meet student needs and tackle weaknesses efficiently.

Key features include:

  • Print, scan, and grade bubble sheets using just a printer, scanner and internet connection
  • Administer online exams, drills, homework and quizzes across multiple schools and classes
  • Structured student and instructional curriculum from A-List’s The Book of Knowledge, complemented with full suite of supporting materials in quizzes, drills and assignments
  • Instant scoring and comprehensive reporting allow educators to start reviewing results sooner and spend more class time discussing pertinent topics that will drive student improvement

Over 4,000 students are already enrolled in the recently-launched platform, representing school districts in Alabama, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York and Tennessee. The new partners look forward to taking their assessment portal to market together and bringing more schools, educational organizations, and nonprofits onboard to the benefit of both students and teachers.  LinkIt! and A-List believe that having the right platform—combined with structured, consistent processes for putting data into practice and the proper material to guide instruction—is essential for both teacher efficacy and student improvement.

Check out the official press release!

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