A-List Education Featured on South East Education Network (SEEN) Magazine

A-List Education founder and President, Scott Farber, was recently published in SEEN Magazine in the article entitled Uniting the Common Core, SAT and ACT: Empowering Student Success in High School and Beyond.  As national Common Core (CC) standards continue to take on more of an important role in school curriculum, and tests like the SAT and ACT remain a key factor in college admission, Scott discusses  a curriculum solution which can move the performance needle in both categories by utilizing the concepts and material tested by the SAT and ACT while fulfilling the anchor standards of the Common Core (CC) beginning in the 9th grade.

The SAT and ACT accomplish many of the goals of the Standards; they are designed to identify whether students are ready for college by testing them on the skills and knowledge they will need when they get there. The College Board and ACT, Inc. have published extensive studies demonstrating how the skills they test on college entrance exams align with the skills of the CC Standards. Bringing test prep and CC curriculum together can ultimately enhance student success.

> Read Scott’s full article on the SEEN website!

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