A-List Education releases report on Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and SAT/ ACT College Entrance Exams

New York, NY. A-List Education announced the release of their report “The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and College Entrance Exams,” a comprehensive alignment report correlating both the SAT and ACT to the Common Core , including a general outline of the tests to provide context with a cross reference to facilitate teaching. The executive summary can be requested here. “School districts have been struggling to find suitable Professional Development and classroom materials for their teachers that address the new Common Core State Standards as well as provide tools and strategies to prepare students for college entrance exams as well,” says Scott Farber, President, A-List Education. “We hope this document will assist School Leaders in identifying the best material to suit their students’ needs and academic objectives.” A-List Education’s study goes into detail about what exactly this alignment means, what parts of the test are relevant, and where to find content that cultivates and assesses these skills. Furthermore, this document gives suggestions about how to use SAT and ACT material beyond a specific prep class to continue to build these skills to target development across a range of other classes. (Click to learn more about A-List’s Common Core alignment or to request a copy of our full Executive Summary)

About A-List Education A-List has helped thousands of students from all over the United States and the world prepare for college entrance exams, with median SAT/ACT score improvements for institutions of more than three times the national average, and for individuals by as much as 10 times the national average. These score improvements have been instrumental in helping A-List’s students secure acceptances to many of the most prestigious colleges across the United States and earn awards of more than $1 million in merit and need-based financial aid. A-List also provides teacher Professional Development aligned with the Common Core State Standards and has developed extensive learning and tutoring materials for students and teachers alike. These include SAT/ACT preparation books and materials, comprehensive study guides, workbooks, e-learning applications and much more. As part of our ongoing effort to be an active participant in the communities we serve, we have also partnered with over 40 incredible nonprofit organizations, high schools and colleges across the country such as Hunter College School of Education, The Harlem Children’s Zone, Year Up, Manhattan Hunter Science High School, Magnolia Science Academy, several New Jersey school districts, and charter school networks representing schools in CA, AZ, UT, CO and NV.

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