A-List Offering Free Diagnostic PSATs

Before the academic year comes to a close and the summer truly begins for your child, we are offering a chance for you and your student to get an early view of how he/she might perform on the SAT. We are offering two free practice PSATs on the following days:

• Thursday, June 25th, 5pm-8pm
• Sunday, August 30th, 2pm-5pm

These practice tests will offer a great snapshot of your student’s performance. When you meet with us after the test, your A-List tutor will provide a computerized analysis of the results that will pinpoint your student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. This is an invaluable tool to prepare for the upcoming year.

Please call our office (646) 889-1613 to let us know if your student plans to attend. If you cannot attend, don’t worry. Working with A-List gives your student plenty of our opportunities to take free practice tests.

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