A-List to Present at the Southern Regional Education Board’s College and Career Readiness Standards Conference

SREBBIG NEWS! A-List Education has been invited to present at the Southern Regional Education Board’s (SREB) 28th Annual Staff Development Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on July 16-19, 2014! The focus of the conference will be optional career pathways and changes in instruction and support that are necessary to adequately prepare students for college, advanced training, and the workforce.

In today’s world, for students to leave high school prepared, there are a number of challenges middle grades schools, high schools, and technology centers face; schools need to sufficiently prepare students to be ready for work, advanced training or college, and to be equipped with the 21st-century and interpersonal skills needed to be successful students and career-ready adults. According to the SREB, this year’s conference will concentrate on finding solutions to such challenges.

A-List’s SREB presentation, “The SAT/ACT and the CCSSI: Teaching Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills Kids Need,” will aptly center around college access and readiness for all.  With significant changes coming to the SAT, and an increasing focus by states and districts on what standardized tests like the ACT mean alongside the implementation of the Common Core, educators need the tools to evaluate and teach both academic and non-cognitive skills to insure the next generation of students is ready for college and beyond. This session will explore how to integrate targeted, essential instructional practices with an appreciation for what increasing evidence highlights is necessary to improve persistence and success rates once students leave high school.

A-List aims to help session participants develop an appreciation and knowledge of recent case studies and scientific work (as discussed in relevant texts like Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed and Claude M. Steele’s Whistling Vivaldi) to improve college access, create and implement specific lessons for class from nonfiction readings that address multiple common core standards in reading, math, and social sciences, and align such classwork and study with optimal success on the ACT/SAT to improve student post-secondary school outcomes.

meet-with-usIf you will be attending the SREB conference, in Nashville, or the surrounding area and wish to meet with an A-List representative please contact us in advance to get something on schedule.

Simply complete this form and reference the SREB conference in the “Tell Us What Your Interested in Field” or email

Questions? Give us a call at 646-889-1613 or email us. We hope to hear from you and look forward to the opportunity to meet you in Nashville!

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