A-List’s SAT/ACT Vocab Box…Now on Study Blue!

A-List’s vocab box is an essential part of our SAT/ACT study program, and now it’s available on your phones and tablets through Study Blue’s free app! We’ve uploaded all 500 of A-List SAT/ACT vocab cards onto Study Blue, so that A-List students can now review our flashcards on-the-go from their mobile devices!

Simply, follow these steps:

  • Go to your iPhone or Android app store
  • Search “StudyBlue” and download the FREE app, “STUDYBLUE Flashcards”
  • Register for a free account
  • Sign into your account
  • Search “A-List Education”

The full name of the set is “A-List Education SAT/ACT Vocab Box.” It’s that easy–SO GET STUDYING!

If you’ve never used StudyBlue, check out their interface:

Front of card:

Know it? Click the thumbs up to move on. Don’t remember the meaning? Click the thumbs down to have it appear again in the deck.








Back of card:

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