ACT Tutoring in London with A-List Education

If you are about to take the ACT test and you do not know anything about it, we can help you! At A-List Education we offer customised courses and ACT Tutoring in London. Over the years, we have gained much experience and we have developed our expertise on how to tackle the most common issues related to the ACT – time management and question strategy.

ACT Tutoring LondonThe ACT test is a standardised exam developed for students who wish to study in the USA that measures student’s skills in five areas – English, reading comprehension, mathematics, science and essay writing (which is optional). No section is longer than 60 minutes and students can receive a score of 1–36 on each of the four tests. The final score is the average of these scores, including the essay score if a student has chosen to be examined in writing as well.

Will computer-based exams affect the structure or content of the test?

Next autumn, the ACT test will be computer-based only at most international test centres. If you are interested in sitting an exam that will take place after 8th September, you will not be able to request a paper test.

The content of the exam itself will not be affected by these changes, therefore you do not need to worry about preparation. More specifically, the timing and the scoring scale will remain the same, and scrap paper will be available for students who wish to write down notes or do their calculations. Another positive benefit of this change is that the ACT test will possibly be available a few more times over the year, providing students with more flexibility. Final scores will also be accessible sooner.

If you choose ACT Tutoring in London through A-List Education you can rest assured that we will guide you through the new examination style and answer any questions you may have.

Get in touch

Interested in ACT Tutoring in London? To learn more about our classes and tutorials, either call one of our representatives or visit our website and send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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