All you need to know about ACT tutoring in London

If you have decided to apply to universities in the USA, you will probably already know that you should take the ACT or SAT. Preparation for these exams can be quite intense, therefore it is recommended to have someone guide you. An effective tutor will set concrete goals for you, help you improve your score by several points and keep you focused.

ACT Tutoring in LondonAt A-List Education, we offer comprehensive and high-quality ACT tutoring in London. Instead of providing generic advice, we focus on your personal style and learning needs, working at the appropriate level and pace for you. Students can opt for one-to-one tutoring or intensive exam preparation camps.

What are the keys to ACT success?

ACT assesses general and specialised knowledge that has been accumulated over the years. Most students have the potential to achieve great results, as long as they get the right support, expand on their skills, implement the right strategies and practise intensively.

Choosing the right tutor is the first step towards ACT success. At A-List Education, our tutors not only have many years of experience, but also have the right mindset and personality to motivate you and help you reach your goal. Depending on your learning style, your personality and other factors such as location, we will find the best tutor to fit you and your individual needs.

All students have developed the skills required to pass the ACT over the years. Our tutors will simply help you take these skills to the next level by ensuring that your scores are reflective of your goals.

ACT tutoring in London focuses on general test-taking approaches and problem-specific strategies. By getting to know our students’ strengths and weaknesses, we can determine which test-taking strategies will work.

Last but not least, we strongly believe that practice makes perfect. Practising with actual ACT papers allows students to see which strategies they implement correctly, as well as the mistakes they repeat more often. Homework exercises can help strengthen weak learning areas, where students may need additional practice.

Get in touch

To learn more about ACT tutoring in London, contact us today.

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