Are you overwhelmed by your child sitting the SAT?

Your child may be obsessed with US culture: the films, the music and the fashion. Your child has been telling you they want to go to university in the US, so after doing some research they know that they need to take the SAT. However, you have never taken the SAT or may not even know what the SAT is, so how can you help them prepare for it? Parents should not fear because SAT tutoring in London can help their children achieve their academic goals.

SAT Tutoring in London

What is the SAT?

Parents, you are not alone. Most British parents have never taken the SAT, prepared for the SAT, or even heard of the SAT. So, what is it? The SAT is a standardised, multiple-choice test that is used in the admissions process for US universities. Almost all accredited universities require students to take it, and some universities even require a certain score for students to be accepted. The test is made up of 4 timed sections: Reading, Writing and Comprehension, and 2 Maths sections, one with a calculator and one without.

How to prepare for the SAT

The best option for parents who want their children to study in the US is to get their children into SAT tutoring in London or one of our online programs. Here at A-List Education UK, we offer students the chance to work with tutors one-on-one via online sessions, as well as group sessions through our Bootcamps. We help students break down the test, section by section, so they feel confident tackling each question. US students take practice tests every year in school to familiarise them with the timed sections. Therefore, we offer our students real timed tests too, so that they can get a feeling of what to expect.

We recommend students begin their SAT tutoring in London or online at least two to six months before their first test. We also strongly urge students to take the SAT at least two to three times. Between tests, students should continue their SAT tutoring. In London, as elsewhere, our students typically spend at least 25 hours with a tutor over the course of several months, until they feel confident that they’ll ace their test.

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