Are you ready to take the SAT?

Choosing to go to university abroad is a huge step for a young adult. A great deal goes into applying for university in your home country, let alone a completely foreign system. Many UK students dream of studying in the US, but there is a lot of work that goes into the process before getting accepted. UK students must pass their A Levels, write a personal essay, have great extracurricular activities and receive a high mark on the SAT. Even if you feel prepared, it is imperative that you seek SAT tutoring in London before taking the SAT.

SAT Tutoring in London

Practice makes perfect

If you are a UK student planning on taking the SAT then you should look into getting SAT tutoring in London two to six months before taking it. Here, at A-List Education, we are firm believers that the more you practice, the more confident you will become. Thus, the more confident you are, the better your results are. Our team of tutors deliver excellent SAT tutoring in London. Since 2005 our team has helped around 70,000 students each year bump up their SAT score. Just as we instil in our students that practice makes perfect when it comes to SAT tutoring in London, we have also tried and tested our tutoring methods over a long time, with proven results which speak for themselves.

How can SAT tutoring in London help you?

We have two different types of SAT tutoring in London. We offer Bootcamps or one-on-one tutoring. Our tutors are the bread and butter to what makes our system effective. They all have experience with US universities, they are degree educated and have been involved in some classroom-based teaching in the past. We then train them for one hundred more hours before carefully vetting and matching them with each student. The tutors also create a customised one-on-one lesson plan. Our Bootcamps offer students a chance to brainstorm with each other in small groups over five to seven days of tailored lessons and mock SAT tests.

Chase your dreams

You should not let your fear of the SAT prevent you from doing well. To tame those fears you should receive SAT tutoring in London two to six months before your test, take the SAT two to four times and get a good night’s rest before each test.

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