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10 Things to Do the Summer Before Senior Year

Summer is probably the most anticipated season for high school students. Ample free time paired with warmer weather — what’s not to love? However, rising seniors should carefully consider their plans for summer vacation, as it is one of the last opportunities to prepare for college admissions and scholarship applications.…

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Should Schools Still Be Preparing Students for the SAT/ACT?

The SAT/ACT have been vital parts of college applications for decades, and educators are understandably concerned about making certain their students are ready to take them. Programs such as the SAT School Day have become valuable resources for schools preparing their students for the college application process. However, with classroom…

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Infographic: A Quick Guide to Financial Aid

We’ve talked about steps to plan for financial aid, and we’ve introduced your family to the best ways to find scholarships. For a quick, all-in-one wrap-up, please find our quick guide to financial aid infographic below!

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8 Tips For Finding and Applying for Scholarships

People often say the years they spent in college were the best of their lives. College is a milestone where students are able to explore new experiences, meet new people, and develop independence, all while gaining a quality education. Unfortunately, beginning your college journey comes at a high cost. With…

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4 Steps to Put Financial Aid Planning In Place

College application season is often about more than just grades and test scores—with the high price of a college education, most families need to consider how best to take advantage of financial aid opportunities. With the vast array of college-sponsored and private scholarships available, and the differing application requirements among…

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Applying to School Abroad: The Challenges and Rewards

Studying abroad is becoming more and more popular—not merely in the traditional sense, with a term or a summer spent at another school, but applying to schools outside the US for the entirety of your degree. Applying to a foreign school can be a challenge, but there are also many…

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3 Tips for Planning Your Spring Term

Spring Term of your junior year can be a hectic time—with SAT/ACTs, schoolwork and AP courses, and preparing your college applications, it can feel like you hardly have a minute to breathe! However, the right preparations and priorities can help make sense of everything and make time for all you…

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John Oh

SAT Essay and Subject Tests Can’t Hurt You Anymore

The College Board is eliminating the essay component of the SAT and also all of the SAT Subject Tests! NO! Wait. Up until January 19th, for most of my students (and by most, I mean all but one), the SAT Essay was something we just ignored. So, this news is…

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Asynchronous Learning Helps All Students Get on the Same Page

As educators struggle to make online learning more effective, some evidence suggests that new, asynchronous teaching techniques may present more effective teaching opportunities in virtual settings than trying to replicate the classroom in an online environment. WHY EDUCATORS ARE MOVING TOWARD ASYNCHRONOUS LEARNING Synchronous learning most closely resembles the interactions…

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Taking a Gap Year: Pros vs. Cons

After a tumultuous and stressful 2020 for us all, it’s no wonder many students are considering taking a “gap year” between finishing high school and beginning undergrad. While gap years have always been more common in Europe and Australia than the United States, many American students are expressing increased interest…

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