Clever SAT tricks for a better score

There is a lot to master on the SAT, but some tips are more useful than others. If you want to improve your score on the re-designed SAT, you must have a thorough understanding of the test and how it works. This can be achieved with the help of an experienced tutor.

At A-List Education, we provide private SAT tutoring in London tailored to a student’s needs and learning requirements. We also organise intensive SAT preparation bootcamps throughout the year. Our SAT tutoring in London is adaptive and we offer many practice tests to help our students improve their score considerably within a limited time period.

SAT Tutoring in LondonUse the process of elimination for multiple choice questions

Multiple questions have a significant advantage over other types of test structures – they provide the right answer among a few wrong ones. Instead of looking for the correct answer from the beginning, try to eliminate as many wrong choices as possible. Look for extremes (i.e. never, only, always) in the reading test and opposites in the math test section (i.e. -1, 1). Words that are synonyms in the writing and language text could also be eliminated.

Use the test booklet for taking notes

Instead of interrupting your thought constantly in order to fill in the answer in the answer sheet, use your pencil to physically scratch out wrong choices in multiple choice questions, work out a math problem, or keep notes on the reading passages. Focusing on one section at a time and keeping notes is very useful and will help you copy the right answers to the answer sheet. Nobody is going to read your notes on the test booklet, so use it freely.

Eliminate second-guessing

Statistics have shown that the first answer choice is usually correct. Unless you have evidence that your choice is not correct, trust your instincts and do not go back and forth to check answers you have already completed. This will save you time and enable you to review your answers at the end of the test.

Contact us

To learn more about SAT Tutoring in London, gives us a call and our helpful team will answer your questions.

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