College Admissions Advice from the Experts: Get Into Your Dream College

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Don’t just apply to your dream college–get into your dream college! A-List expert college adviser, Michael Binder, has some advice for college applicants:

For admission to college, it is conventional wisdom that you need to focus on your grades and your test scores. For more competitive colleges, these are certainly factors that get you considered, but only contribute to getting you admitted.

These competitive colleges look to “build” a class by adding individuals with a variety of skills, interests, and talents that will help further the college’s mission and enrich its campus.  It is critically important that you communicate the value you bring to each college of interest.

You communicate your value by showing each college:

  • Why the college is right for you
  • Why you are right for the college
  • How you will take advantage of the college’s offerings and programs
  • How you fit into the culture and personality of the college and student body
  • What differentiates you from other students, with similar grades, interests and dreams
  • How you will contribute to the campus community

Enterprising, determined students can exert enormous influence over admissions decisions. Junior year is the time to take the steps necessary to build your college admission foundation and to obtain the answers to these questions.

Are you taking these critical steps?

Call A-List to get started with our expert college advisers!

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