Are the cold winds off of Lake Michigan a tonic to invigorate the mind? Nobody can say for certain, but if the University of Chicago, with its reputation for intellectualism, and a love of knowledge for its own sake, is anything to go by, the answer is yes! This gang of brainiacs may seem serious, but they’ve also got a silly side — at Chicago, nerds rule!

Chicago: The Basics



Liberal Arts

Research University

Affiliation: Secular (nonreligious)

The Location (Chicago, IL):

Welcome to the Windy City! As the name suggests, the University of Chicago’s urban campus is located in the heart of Chicago. The cold Midwestern climate can make for some snowy winters, but the city’s world-class museums and theatre more than make up for it — as does warming up with a hearty portion of Chicago’s famous stuffed pizza!

The Numbers

Admission Rate


Average High School GPA

 Not reported

Preferred Standardized Test 


Average SAT Score 


Average ACT Score 


Accepts ACT Superscore?


Application Deadline

 January 4

Accepts Common App?


Tuition (Annual)



6,499 undergraduates

Average Class Size


You’d Make a Great Phoenix If:

  • You have an “explosive” interest in the sciences. Many of the minds behind the Manhattan Project, including Enrico Fermi, worked at the University of Chicago, and the first nuclear reactor was built there.
  • Economics means more to you than tracking the contents of your bank account. The University of Chicago’s economics department is so influential that an entire branch of economic thought was named for it: the Chicago School.
  • You want a well-rounded education. Thanks to Chicago’s rigorous Core program for undergraduates, students come away with a thorough grounding in a wide variety of subjects, including the sciences, humanities, and a foreign language — whatever their major.

Fun Fact(s):

Want to go on a scavenger hunt? The University of Chicago’s scavenger hunt is world famous for a reason. Taking place every year in early May, the scavenger hunt list typically includes more than 300 items, with challenges requiring students to build machines, cook elaborate meals, decode clues, and even take a road trip! The event kicks off with a Friday night theme party, and then the chase is on!

Famous Alumni:

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.:

Edwin Hubble:

Amy Klobuchar:
US Senator

Roger Ebert:
Film Critic

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