It’s maize and blue, not yellow! As a Wolverine, you know that by heart. And after a long week of classes, you’re ready to dress in the colors, chalk up the Diag with some friends to show spirit, and get ready for a game day tailgate. It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

Michigan: The Basics



Liberal Arts

Research University

Affiliation: Secular (nonreligious)

The Location (Ann Arbor, Michigan):

Welcome to “the People’s Republic of Ann Arbor,” better known as one of America’s great college towns. An eclectic mix of students and academics, throwback hippies who run indie bookstores and food co-ops on Main Street, and techies from Google’s campus in the center of town, Ann Arbor is a place with a little something for everyone. And with everything from movie theaters to sushi restaurants a few blocks from campus, you’re never far from a good time!

The Numbers

Admission Rate


Average High School GPA


Preferred Standardized Test 


Average SAT Score 


Average ACT Score 


Accepts ACT Superscore?


Application Deadline

 February 1

Accepts Common App?


Tuition (Annual)

 $15,558 in state; $51,200 out of state


 31,329 undergraduates

Average Class Size


You’d Make a Great Wolverine If:

  • You have a love for public service. Students at the university of Michigan were so inspired by a late-night speech by President John F. Kennedy at the student union, they went straight to a local diner where they drafted the plans for what would become the Peace Corps. Wolverines have carried this spirit through to today, with many students passionate about social justice and creating a better world.
  • You like to “work hard, play hard.” The University of Michigan is known for their competitive edge in academics and athletics — and even if you’re not an athlete by nature, there are still opportunities to compete. Intramurals were invented at the University of Michigan, giving all students a chance to play!
  • You’re interested in a wide variety of topics and activities. With over 30,000 undergraduates, world-class facilities in everything from law to medicine to a musical conservatory, and over 1,000 student organizations, the University of Michigan is a great place to try new things and find your niche!

Fun Fact(s):

The University of Michigan is proud home to the largest stadium in North America: the Big House, where every autumn the Wolverines play football to a crowd of up to 100,000. But even if you’re not a football fan, you’ll be visiting — it’s also where every student at the University of Michigan marches in their graduation ceremony!

Famous Alumni:

James Earl Jones:


Clarence Darrow:

Arthur Miller:

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