Competency Based Learning: The New Approach to Earning a Degree

core_competenciesThis past Wednesday an education reform act was passed to implement ‘Competency Based Learning’ into select higher education institutions. This innovative path combines the strong motivation for a degree with the practical realities of life. The legislation will allow the institutions themselves to measure progress in a more flexible manner than credits earned by hours in the classroom

The bill was passed 414-nil and the program will begin in 20 institutions selected by Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education. For the first year, every competency-based project will be thoroughly evaluated to determine the nature of the program and the future success of the innovative approach. Competency Based Learning is just one small section of the ongoing Higher Education Act currently being reauthorized.

Technology and innovation is continuously modernizing education. New methods are incorporated into learning strategies every year, all classrooms now integrate digital learning, degrees can be achieved online at home and virtual learning classrooms will expand intelligence to all corners of the world.

By: Catherine Quigley, A-List  Marketing Intern & current UPenn Student

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