Early Decision Admissions- the New Normal?

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article on early decision admissions being the “new normal” for top universities. They cite that last year Harvard admitted 14.5% of early-action applicants versus 3.3% from the regular admissions pool.

Every year, A-List College Advisors meet with families to discuss the pros and cons of early admissions. While there’s a definite advantage to applying to a school, the higher acceptance rates neglect to detail the number of special cases, such as recruited athletes, their early admission statistics represent. While the percentages reflected in this article are similar to previous years at the country’s most selective universities, it’s always important to think your own decision to apply to an early decision or restrictive early action program and the many factors that can influence the path you choose to take. While applying early is not for everyone, it’s a great choice for students who fall within the testing and grade ranges of a school and have all their hopes set on one specific school.

We encourage you to read the WSJ article here: The Decision That Hurts Your Chances of Getting Into Harvard.

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