Four common questions about the SAT

A-List Education is here to help with any questions you have about the SAT. Below are some of the questions that we often hear from students who wish to attend SAT tutoring in London.

SAT Tutoring in London

What is the SAT?

The SAT has been around since 1926 and it is a general exam that is used, alongside the ACT, as a way to demonstrate academic aptitude in order to gain entrance to US universities. Its name and format have changed many times over the years. When you choose SAT tutoring London from A-List Education, you can be certain you are getting the latest guidance and techniques.

Can anyone take the SAT?

Yes: you do not need to be a resident of the US or involved in any kind of international programme. If you felt like it, you could take the SAT for fun! Most people, however, have an idea of the academic path they want to follow when they sign up for SAT tutoring in London and it usually leads them to an excellent US university.

How long does the SAT take?

Studying for the SAT can take as long as you like although there are set dates for the exam each year that you might want to aim for.

The exam itself takes 3 hours, unless you decide to do the optional essay which adds another 50 minutes. When you have SAT tutoring in London with A-List Education, test papers will be part of your learning, so you will get an idea of the structure of the exams and the conditions as part of your educational experience with us.

What happens if you fail the SAT?

It’s not possible to fail the SAT but you can get a score that you don’t like and one which you do not think will get you into the university that you want to go to. Fortunately, you can take the test a number of times. Some universities allow you to combine your best scores from multiple tests to create a super score. Depending on the admissions policy, they may wish to see all your results.

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