FREE A-List Webinar: Introduction to the SAT and the ACT

Join Us for a FREE Webinar: Introduction to The SAT and The ACT– Monday, October 28, 3 pm EST.

This seminar will provide attendees with a general overview of the SAT and ACT, discussing format, content, basic overall strategies and differences between the tests. This session will also address ways to incorporate SAT/ACT strategies and content into existing curricula, and align with the Common Core Standards across many subjects.

All high school teachers should expect their students to reach certain benchmarks in reading comprehension, writing, and problem solving—the key components of the SAT and ACT. Accordingly, it is useful for participants to understand and address the broader strategies and content of these tests, even if they are primarily teaching a single subject. For example, science teachers can incorporate reading passages with a science focus (climate change, string theory, genetic engineering) into their lesson plans, which can help improve general non-fiction reading comprehension skills, while deepening the knowledge of particular science content.

Additionally, participants will receive a funding tool kit, with resources and suggestions for funding an SAT/ACT test preparation program.


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