Prepare for the SAT in advance

For many families, the preparation required for applying to universities can be both exciting and stressful. There are many British students who dream of studying outside of their home country, specifically the US, which in turn increases both the excitement and the stress.

ACT Tutoring in London

What is the SAT?

Applying to US Universities requires students to attain top grades, pass their A-Levels, demonstrate involvement with extracurricular activities, have letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and importantly, a high score on the SAT.

The SAT is a multiple-choice test used in US university admissions. The test is made up of 4 timed sections: Reading, Writing and Comprehension and two Math sections which include one with a calculator and one without. The test is scored out of 1600.

With a few months of SAT tutoring in London, British students will have the tools to feel confident sitting their exam.

What does SAT tutoring in London involve?

Our team here at A-List Education UK is full of dedicated tutors who have gone through the US admissions process and can provide hands-on SAT tutoring in London. They will help students tackle each section, teaching them how to fully understand and answer questions and giving them enough confidence to succeed. We administer mock tests so they will feel what the test experience is like in real time. We also offer online tutoring, one-on-one in office tutoring, and Bootcamp courses, so that students all across the UK can feel prepared for the SAT.

When should you start SAT tutoring in London?

We suggest students begin SAT tutoring in London two to six months before their first test. Students should be prepared to spend one to two hours a week with a tutor. They should also plan to spend time at home studying. We recommend students take the test two to three times as their score will most likely increase each time, a result from studying more and feeling more confident.

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