Getting into US universities

Getting into university is different in every country. Here in the UK, it’s all about getting the right A and AS level results, based on an offer given by the university. In the United States, the first phase is all about getting great results in one of two aptitude tests.

ACT Tutoring in London

Every year thousands of students from the US and around the world take the ACT. Professors at universities then have to sift through all those students who want to study with them. The Ivy League universities are inundated with applications, so the first phase of deciding whom to accept is very much based on ACT scores. Those with the highest scores get a second look, those with average or below-average scores have a lower chance of proceeding.

Get ahead with ACT tutoring in London

For non-US citizens, the ACT is a challenge. US students have been preparing for this moment for their entire school careers. For Brits, it’s something they have to do while also studying for their A and AS levels.

But there is a way to get ahead, with ACT tutoring in London from us at A-List Education UK.

We are not just crammers. We are a US tutoring organisation that is run by US educators who are passionate about providing students with top quality, personalised, one-to-one tutoring to help them get excellent scores on their exams.

Our tutorial methods

Over the many years that we have been helping students achieve their academic dreams, we have found that there are two important factors to consider when taking the ACT.

The test has 4 sections and each is an hour or under, so time management is important. Students can score up to 36 points in each section, and the final score is averaged across them. So having a good strategy for answering the questions is key.

Want to know more about ACT Tutoring London?

For more information on how we can help unlock the door to US universities, please call or send us an email. A-List Education will get back to you as soon as possible.

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