Graham Windham Scholars: In Their Own Words

Each month our Graham Windham scholars participate in cultural activity that allows them the opportunity to bond in a setting outside the classroom. These enrichment sessions consist of anything from visits to art museums and special exhibits to concerts and dance performances. Below are a couple of essays from the scholars writing about their favorite enrichment activity so far this year.


“Our Day at the Bodies Exhibit” By Laquana

On this late January day, my peers and I were accompanied by two of A-List’s finest, Arthur and Donna, to our monthly enrichment. During this month we went to New York City’s South Street Seaport’s very own Bodies Exhibit.
Although all of the Graham Windham scholars didn’t attend, Demarco, Tamal, Shakeyma, and I enjoyed ourselves. After exploring and learning many things in the Bodies Exhibit, I came to the conclusion that what interested me most was the part that showed the development of the fetus. I took interest in this segment because I had never seen the development of a fetus at such small stages. A fifteen-week baby lay right in front of my eyes; that caught my attention most. Before leaving the exhibit we left comments about our visit in the guest book, and we took a photo to remember our great day that was full of anatomy.


“Our Jazz Night” by Shakeyma

On February 28 we had an enrichment class which was based on Jazz. At this enrichment I learned and experienced a jazz band play live. On this day we all gathered at the A-list site and met two Jazz players. One of the Jazz players played the saxophone, which we were told was VERY hard to play. The other Jazz player played the bass guitar, which is VERY big. As we got to know them, they both told us the background of Jazz as they learned it and how it looked for them. They taught us that there are two different types of Jazz. One type is the slow beat one that after a 7 count began over from the beginning. For example, it would go “1,2,3,4…” and start over. The other type of Jazz is the fast beat one that also has a 7 count beat but faster and you can change the count. For example, it can be counted like 1, 2, 3, 4, etc and start over or 1,2,3,6,4,5,7 which would change the style of the song. They also played a couple of songs. Then we ate and went to a little Jazz Club. At the Jazz Club we saw a live band play many songs. This was very great to see. My favorite part of this day was when we were doing the question and answer (Q & A) part. I never knew how much I knew about Jazz until then. The experience with the Jazz players helped me understand music better.


“Scavenger Hunt” By Sharmaine

In the month of September A-list took us on our first enrichment. We went to to the Natural History Museum. Lisa and some of the other adults from A-list told us we had to go on a scavenger hunt in the museum to find things on a paper that was given to us. Once we were in the museum we were split into two teams and then we were handed the list of things we needed to find. Each team had an A-list guide with us. We then went our own ways to find everything. We had about two hours to find about 25 things in the Museum, from bones to birds and dinosaur to gems. There was a small catch: we had to take a picture with everything we found to prove that we found the item.
When I first got there I did not think it was going to be any fun but once we started to find things I was beginning to have lots of fun. Going to the museum that day gave me a chance to learn a lot of things about the history of the world. My team was made up of four people: Demarco, Laquana, Lisa and myself .As the time started to wind down, there was one thing my team needed to find, so we looked and looked but could not find it. It was time to go and we were downstairs. We finally figured out where the last thing was so Laquana and I ran upstairs to find it. We found what we were looking for, went back downstairs and made it right before the time was up. That day I learned a lot and had loads of fun. When we were all done we summed up the day with dinner and then went home.


“Guggenheim Museum” By Emily

In November, our enrichment was to the Guggenheim Museum, which is located on 89th street and Fifth Avenue. It was very interesting. It all started at about 3. We all met up in front of the museum. There also was a guest named Arthur who works at A-List and is also an artist. We walked around all the way to the top and worked our way down. As we walked down, we looked at different art and got the chance to try and draw it. I really enjoyed this enrichment because I had been wanting to visit an art museum but I haven’t got the chance. I’m also always going to the Museum of Natural History and I’m tried of seeing the same thing. This was my chance. The most interesting thing I saw was a bed and it was like a hotel room. After we left the museum we went to a burger place but surprisingly I ate pancakes. After that we all went home. The day was full of joy. I loved it all.

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