After a long, challenging process prepping for the SAT/ACT, your score results are in…and you aced it! Congratulations! But even as getting the SAT/ACT score you wanted is cause for celebration, it can also leave you at a loss for what your next steps are in the college application process. Now that you’ve got into the SAT/ACT score range you were hoping for, here’s some tips about what to do next:


You’ve earned it! Give yourself some time to relax; treat yourself to some time with friends and a break from thinking about your applications. You’ve accomplished something to be proud of, and it’s important to reward yourself for that. However the next steps in your application process go, it’s important to acknowledge when you’ve achieved something—which you have!

Remember to Send Your Scores!

It’s important to send your SAT/ACT scores in on time. Since you’re happy with your score, you’ll want to get those to the colleges you’re applying to. You’ll need to do this through the testing service—you can log into your account on the SAT/ACT website, and send the scores to the schools you’re applying to from there. Be sure to send them with plenty of time to spare, so that you know your schools will receive them by the deadline. There will be a submission fee, but depending on your financial circumstances, you may be eligible for a fee waiver.

Consider “Super Scoring” and How it Might Help You

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… “super scores” sound impressive, and can be really helpful! Given that many students take the SAT/ACT more than once, many colleges “super score” the SAT/ACT. This means that they take the highest marks you’ve gotten on each section, across however many times you took the test, and consider the total result your “score.” If you got a great score, but actually did slightly better on one section on a previous test date, super scoring is great news for you—just make sure to send all your scores!

Want to Raise Those Scores Even Higher?

Depending on how much time you have left in your application cycle, you might be thinking about maximizing your scores even further! If you have time for another test cycle, you now have a super-targeted, highly focused way of preparing, since you already know you’re doing well in most places, and can focus on your few remaining weaknesses. If you really want to shoot for the moon, help from an expert, like our specialized team at A-List, can up your odds even further. Whatever you decide, congratulations on your good SAT/ACT score—you’re one step closer to college!

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